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Teaching by Heart

The Foxfire Interviews

Sara Day Hatton

160 pages
Teachers College Press
Some of the most prominent educators of our time, including Robert Coles, Vivian Paley, Ted Sizer, Maxine Greene, Alfie Kohn, Parker Palmer, Ira Shor, and Donald Graves reveal their personal stories and offer valuable insights in this one-of-a-kind collection. In up-close and personal interviews, they share memorable learning experiences; discuss how they overcame obstacles and feelings of isolation to teach in a learner-centered, active classroom; and much more. Personifying what it means to be a teacher, this wonderful collection: Brings together powerful stories that will inspire teachers to examine their own actions and assumptions about their teaching practices. Helps teachers to identify with renowned educators who continuously struggle to improve their craft. Features rich examples of the rewards of taking time to reflect on teaching and learning, and the value we can make of our experiences.
Author Bio
Sara Day Hatton has worked as a writer, editor, communications specialist, adult education teacher, and newspaper reporter. Foxfire is a not-for-profit, educational, and literary organization based in Rabun County, Georgia.