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Walking the Road

Race, Diversity and Social Justice in Teacher Education

Marilyn Cochran-Smith James A. Banks

224 pages
Teachers College Press
In this skillfully written and incisive book, Marilyn Cochran-Smith guides the reader through the conflicting visions and ideologies surrounding the education of teachers for a diverse democratic society. Mapping the way to reconceptualizing teacher education today, this volume: Spells out, in detail, the problem of teacher preparation and why it needs to be understood as both a learning and a political problem. Explores an urban teaching program and how its participants came to understand race, diversity, and multicultural issues as part of the larger process of learning to teach. Explains why “unlearning” is an unavoidable part of the journey to teaching and teacher education for social justice. Uncovers political agendas and their serious implications for the teaching profession itself. Offers a much-needed framework for understanding and sorting out the multiple meanings of concepts related to multicultural issues and social justice in teacher education policy.
Author Bio
Marilyn Cochran-Smith is Professor of Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College and President of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for 2004–05.