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The Social Studies Wars

What Should We Teach the Children?

Ronald W. Evans

224 pages
Teachers College Press

The history of social studies is a story of dramatic turf wars among competing political camps. In this volume, Ronald Evans describes and interprets this history and the continuing battles over the purposes, content, methods, and theoretical foundations of the social studies curriculum. This fascinating volume:

  • Provides balanced, in-depth coverage of the entire history of social studies education in the modern era, from the late 19th century to the present—the first book of its kind.
  • Analyzes the underlying historical, societal, and cultural contexts in which the social studies curriculum has evolved over time.
  • Addresses the failure of social studies to reach its potential for dynamic teaching because of a lack of consensus in the field.
  • Links the ever-changing rhetoric and policy decisions to their influence on classroom practice.
  • Helps to clarify the meaning, direction, and purposes of social studies instruction in schools.
Author Bio

Ronald W. Evans is a nationally recognized scholar in social studies education and a professor in the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University.