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Educating Teachers for Diversity

Seeing with a Cultural Eye

Jacqueline Jordan Irvine James A. Banks

128 pages
Teachers College Press
Educating Teachers for Diversity addresses the complex issues of how culture, race and ethnicity, and social class influence the teaching and learning processes. The author provides not only an analysis of current conditions and reforms in education, but also offers suggestions and practices for improving educational outcomes for all children. Tackling hard truths and controversial issues head on, the author: Offers advice for closing the achievement gap of low-income African American students in urban schools. Focuses on issues of assessment and measurement for K-12 students and teachers of color. Explores the declining number of teachers of color in the United States and its relation to school failure among African American and Latino students. Outlines a curriculum for teacher education programs to help them produce culturally aware and effective teachers. Examines how colleges of education can reverse the cycle of failure for students of color by producing teachers who are culturally responsive. Concludes with a summary of the work and recommendations of such scholars as James A. Banks and Sonia Nieto.
Author Bio
Jacqueline Jordan Irvine is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Urban Education in the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University in Atlanta. Her books include Growing Up African American in Catholic Schools.