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Who Governs Our Schools?

Changing Roles and Responsibilities

David Conley Joseph F. Murphy

256 pages
Teachers College Press
This book provides valuable insights into a dynamic structural change that is being experienced but not completely understood by educators and policymakers alike—the transfer of power from the local to the state and national levels. What will become of our public schools in this new era of leadership? The author traces the origins of this process, examines the implications, and considers where these changes might lead. This extremely timely volume: Explores the direction of education policy and the ways in which both policymakers and educators can adapt and provide leadership in this new landscape. Offers a concise, accessible summary of a multitude of specific programs and policies, helping us to think more systematically about the shifts in power relationships among education governance levels. Presents an outline of actions that can be taken at the local, state, and national levels to help facilitate better working relationships and to help improve schools. Examines the new federal role and recent federal legislation, including the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.
Author Bio
David T. Conley is an Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at the College of Education, University of Oregon.