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Constructivist Leader

Linda Lambert Deborah Walker Diane P. Zimmerman Joanne E. Cooper Morgan Dale Lambert Mary E. Gardner Margaret Szabo

304 pages
Teachers College Press
Since the publication of the first edition in 1995, The Constructivist Leader has provided educational leaders at all levels with a conceptual framework for leadership defined as reciprocal, purposeful learning in community. Today, learning communities based on constructivist principles are a major part of the school improvement landscape.The Second Edition of this best-selling book enables readers to carry this constructivist vision and purpose forward, while effectively implementing standards-based reform, authentic assessment, and constructivist-based accountability. The new Second Edition features: An expanded theory of Constructivist Leadership based on a thorough examination of the most recent thinking in leadership, learning, and ethical communities. A comprehensive approach to issues of equity, diversity, and multiculturalism. Additional strategies and approaches for the implementation of constructivist leadership practice. Principles and examples to guide new approaches to accountability. New school and district stories of successful implementation of constructivist leadership. A deeper focus on the district's role in influencing policy at state and national levels and in protecting schools and classrooms from the negative impact of unwise policies and mandates. A new framework for the preparation of educational leaders.