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Narrative Inquiry in Practice

Advancing the Knowledge of Teaching

Nona Lyons Vicki K. LaBoskey Susan L. Lytle Marilyn Cochran-Smith

224 pages
Teachers College Press
This unique collection of exemplars explores narrative as a powerful means of inquiry, while also examining its possible limitations. Drawing on the experiences of teachers and teacher educators in a variety of settings who have been researching their own teaching, this book: Outlines a conceptual framework for considering narrative as a mode of inquiry, including narrative practices that teachers and researchers can try in their own settings. Provides detailed descriptions of exemplars, revealing the contexts in which they were developed, an assessment of how they work, and why they may be problematic. Uncovers how narrative as a mode of inquiry provides a method for investigating, documenting, and representing a scholarship of teaching. Advances the ongoing debates about the role of teachers in inquiring into their own practice, engaging in action research, and building a new epistemology of practice.
Author Bio
Nona Lyons is a visiting research scholar at University College Cork in Ireland, and Vicki Kubler LaBoskey is a professor of education at Mills College in Oakland, California, where she co-directs the Teachers for Tomorrow’s Schools Credential Program.