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Changing Course

American Curriculum Reform in the 20th Century

Herbert M. Kliebard Barbara Finkelstein William Reese

176 pages
Teachers College Press
In Changing Course, Herbert Kliebard explores an array of efforts to reform the American curriculum. From revolutionary changes effected in a tiny one-room frontier schoolhouse in the late nineteenth century to a modern comprehensive high school, this accessible volume presents a chronological account of specific reform efforts—exposing factors likely to achieve success as well as the roots of many failures. Using a historical perspective to illuminate contemporary problems, this volume examines both the conceptual defects of various reform theories and the ways in which theory clashes with classroom reality. Kliebard argues that educators must examine the entire range of reform efforts in order to find the telltale patterns and "fads" that must be replaced with more meaningful structural changes.
Author Bio
Herbert M. Kliebard is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His awards include the Outstanding Achievement Award of the John Dewey Society and a lifetime achievement award from the Curriculum Studies division of the American Educational Research Association.