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Effort and Excellence in Urban Classrooms

Expecting—and Getting—Success With All Students

Dick Corbett Bruce Wilson Belinda Williams Joseph F. Murphy

192 pages
Teachers College Press
This timely volume reveals in great detail how educators closed the "performance gap" for low-income students by linking expectations and results. Drawing heavily on the words and experiences of students, teachers, and parents, this book describes how students who traditionally had not succeeded academically in school began to do so. Effort and Excellence in Urban Classrooms demonstrates just how this was done by including: In-depth descriptions of classrooms and schools where students began succeeding when educators assumed the responsibility for their success Data-based discussion of teachers’ views on parental involvement in schools and parents’ views of teachers’ and schools’ actions on behalf of students Identification of the kinds of support that schools and districts must provide if educators are to be successful An unrelenting emphasis on how educators enabled students to be motivated and to produce high-quality work
Author Bio
Dick Corbett and Bruce Wilson are independent educational researchers who study and evaluate school reform initiatives. Belinda Williams is a cognitive psychologist who studies the influence of community, home, and school environments on learning.