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School's Out! Bridging Out-of-School Literacies with Classroom Practice

Glynda Hull Katherine Schultz Celia Genishi Dorothy S. Strickland Donna E. Alvermann

Teachers College Press
This timely book uses research on literacy outside of school to challenge how we think about literacy inside of school. Bringing together highly respected literacy researchers, this volume bridges the divide in the literature between formal education and the many informal settings—such as homes, community organizations, and after-school programs—in which literacy learning flourishes. To help link research findings with teaching practices, each chapter includes a response from classroom teachers (K-12) and literacy educators. This book’s unique blending of perspectives will have a profound effect on how literacy will be taught in school.
Author Bio
Glynda Hull is an associate professor of Education in Language, Literacy, and Culture at the University of California, Berkeley and Katherine Schultz is an assistant professor in teacher education at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania.