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One Kid at a Time

Big Lessons from a Small School

Eliot Levine Patricia A. Wasley Ann Lieberman Joseph P. McDonald

192 pages
Teachers College Press
Through the lens of a remarkable urban high school, One Kid at a Time weaves compelling stories and a clear narrative into new possibilities for American education. All students at the Met School have a personalized curriculum and complete real-world internships based on their interests. Students stay with the same teacher for four years, and parents help to plan and assess their child's learning. There are no classes, tests, or grades, but high achievement is expected of all students – regardless of their background. Every student in the Met's first two graduating classes has been accepted to college, even though most will be the first in their family ever to attend. Based on the Met’s first four years, this book offers powerful ideas and sensible strategies for improving schools.
Author Bio
Eliot Levine has worked as a psychologist and education researcher at Harvard University. Now he is an education consultant in Rhode Island and is preparing to become a high school teacher.