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Free-Choice Science Education

How We Learn Science Outside of School

John Falk Richard A. Duschl

224 pages
Teachers College Press
This seminal book describes the nature and extent of science learning in America with particular attention to the innumerable sources of science education existing outside the formal education system. Falk and his well-respected colleagues provide examples from research and practice on how to better understand, facilitate and communicate about free-choice science learning, including policy recommendations for insuring its growth and integration within the complex learning environment of the 21st century. This important and timely volume: Makes a case for the existence of an infrastructure for free-choice science learning. Highlights research studies that reveal the nature and function of the infrastructure. Proposes studies, policies, and approaches that will enable educators and policy makers to better understand its nature, function, and effectiveness. Encourages coalition building and collaborations across the infrastructure leading to better practice, greater resources, realistic assessments, and greater application of free-choice science learning.
Author Bio
John H. Falk is Director of the Institute for Learning Innovation in Annapolis, Maryland.