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How Can I Fix It? Finding Solutions and Managing Dilemmas, An Educator's Road Map

Larry Cuban

80 pages
Teachers College Press
With this highly accessible and unique little guide, Larry Cuban offers educators indispensable tools to make sense of the daily complexities they encounter in their work. Teachers face dozens of classroom situations where conflicts occur. Similarly, principals wrestle with school issues that call for changes in attitudes, behaviors, and procedures. Because the process is so familiar, even expert teachers and principals often have difficulty in explaining what it is that they do and how they go about solving problems and coping with dilemmas in their classrooms and schools. Using concrete and varied examples drawn from the workplace, Cuban presents vivid and provocative case studies of practitioners’ experiences in urban and suburban schools that deal with the routine conflicts of school. He draws on his own extensive experience in public schools and his research into teaching and administration to set forth a practical framework for identifying, defining, and coping with both puzzling problems and tension-filled dilemmas. A much-needed resource for both new and experienced practitioners, How Can I Fix It? focuses on common skills that practitioners have—but seldom take time to consider—and applies these skills to concrete situations.
Author Bio
Larry Cuban is Professor Emeritus of Education at Stanford University. In addition to How Teachers Taught, his books include Teachers and Machines, Frogs into Princes: Writings on School Reform, Why Is It So Hard to Get Good Schools? and How Can I Fix It? Finding Solutions and Managing Dilemmas.