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Competent Classroom

Aligning High School Curriculum, Standards, and Assessment--A Creative Teaching Guide

Allison Zmuda Mary Tomaino Patricia A. Wasley Ann Lieberman Joseph P. McDonald

144 pages
Teachers College Press
Written by teachers for teachers, this enlightening book describes the cross-disciplinary journey of two high school teachers trying to align curriculum, assessment, and performance standards in their classrooms. With a focus on the importance of constantly inspiring students, the authors troubleshoot issues surrounding content standards, instructional objectives, and the aims of curriculum. This user-friendly guide: Helps readers consider the main concepts surrounding creative teaching and ways of helping students take ownership of their learning Provides insight into what it takes for teachers to learn about, work with, and benefit from standards work Gives teachers practical advice for achieving greater success in the classroom Targets the connections between essential questions, content, assessments, and performance standards This creative and informative guide will inspire any educator who wrestles with how to make classroom learning meaningful to students and who cares about academic achievement and success.
Author Bio
Allison Zmuda is a social studies teacher at Newtown High School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Mary Tomaino taught English for 32 years before retiring to write and spend time with her family.