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"Why Fly That Way?" Linking Community and Academic Achievement

Kathy Greeley

156 pages
Teachers College Press
Crucial to the current public debate about schools, curriculum, testing, academic standards, and teacher training are the voices of successful teachers, like Kathy Greeley who speak to the dangers of an overemphasis on standardized testing and a punitive, back to basics approach. In this captivating and lively chronicle of a year in the life of a public school classroom, Greeley provides an alternative model of education and shows how a strong and supportive community is essential in helping students reach their highest potential. Included in her account are: Specific projects that explain in detail critical practices in the classroom Class discussions that show efforts to interweave academic study with personal awareness Excerpts from student journals An honest and full description of daily failures and frustrations as well as successes and victories
Author Bio
Kathy Greeley is a middle school teacher at the Graham and Parks School in Cambridge, MA which recently won the 2000 Disney Learning Partnership Spotlight School Award. A former Conant Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Kathy continues to immerse herself in education and community-based projects.