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Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic

Implications of Piaget's Theory

Constance Kamii Leslie Baker Housman Leslie R. Williams

254 pages
Teachers College Press
In this fully revised second edition of the classic Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic, Constance Kamii describes and develops an innovative program of teaching arithmetic in the early elementary grades. Kamii bases her educational strategies on renowned constructivist Jean Piaget's scientific ideas of how children develop logico-mathematical thinking. Written in collaboration with a classroom teacher, and premised upon the conviction that children are capable of much more than teachers and parents generally realize, the book provides a rich theoretical foundation and a compelling explanation of educational goals and objectives. Kamii calls attention to the ways in which traditional textbook-based teaching can be harmful to children's development of numerical reasoning, and uses extensive research and classroom-tested studies to illuminate the efficacy of the approach. This book is full of practical suggestions and developmentally appropriate activities that can be used to stimulate numerical thinking among students of varying abilities and learning styles, both within and outside of the classroom.
Author Bio
Constance Kamii is a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's School of Education. Leslie Baker Housman is a classroom teacher at South Shades Crest School in Hoover, Alabama.