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Teachers--Transforming Their World and Their Work

Ann Lieberman Lynne Miller Patricia A. Wasley Joseph P. McDonald

120 pages
Teachers College Press
Fifteen years after Lieberman and Miller’s Teachers—Their World and Their Work, many schools and the teachers who work in them are being challenged to achieve more ambitious and far-reaching goals than ever before. In this sequel to their ground-breaking volume the authors bring the reader up to date by addressing the contemporary realities of schools and teaching, focusing on both the constraints and the possibilities embedded in practice. The words and experiences of teachers and principals are used by the authors to show what growth and change look like from the inside—the teacher’s perspective: what change requires, how differences in context and personnel are accommodated, what people learn as they change, and what it feels like in the process. This book is a major contribution to a growing literature focusing on the central participants in school reform—the teachers. It is essential to the success of this transformation that “their world and their work” be understood and supported in all its complexity.
Author Bio
Ann Lieberman was a senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and is now at Stanford University. Lynne Miller has been a Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Southern Maine and Director of the Southern Maine Partnership.