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Project Spectrum

Early Learning Activities, Project Zero Frameworks for Early Childhood Education, Vol. 2

Howard Gardner David H. Feldman Mara Krechevsky Jie Qi Chen

Teachers College Press
Project Zero Frameworks For Early Childhood Education General Editors: Howard Gardner, David Henry Feldman, and Mara Krechevsky The groundbreaking work of Harvard University psychologist Howard Gardner on multiple intelligences and Tufts University psychologist David Henry Feldman on nonuniversal development is fast becoming the standard by which children’s intelligence and cognitive development is understood. In this landmark three-volume set, Mara Krechevsky and her colleagues at Project Zero bring the theories of Gardner and Feldman into the classroom and other settings for closer inspection. For the first time, these insights--resulting from years of working with young children and their teachers--are made available for both teachers and scholars alike. Volume 2: Project Spectrum: Early Learning Activities Volume Editor: Jie-Qi Chen Contributing Editors: Emily Isberg and Mara Krechevsky This curriculum resource will enable teachers in the early primary years to apply multiple intelligences theory in their own classrooms. It provides enriching activities in a wide variety of disciplines, including mechanics and construction, movement, and music.
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Project Spectrum is a collaborative research and development project that offers an alternative approach to assessment and curriculum development for the preschool and early primary years. The Spectrum approach emphasizes close observation, identifying children’s areas of strength, and using them as the basis for an individualized educational program.