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Teacher to Teacher

Learning From Each Other

Eleanor Duckworth

176 pages
Teachers College Press
An inspirational text that only experienced teachers could write! Thirteen teachers join with renowned educator Eleanor Duckworth in this engaging account of a year-long project in which they learned from each other to become better teachers. Teacher to Teacher will have wide appeal to teachers at all levels since it deals with issues that concern day-to-day life. Here, teachers talk with one another about their students: "Kevin is by far the brightest student in the class. Not only does he refuse to do any work, he attempts to disrupt other people and gain attention." Here, too, they share stories about themselves, like Elissa, who chose to tell her class that she is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. And, just as important, they share triumphs, like that of a teacher’s extraordinary success with boys serving time in a correctional institute. A striking presentation of teachers’ thinking about central current issues, this book will enrich everyone’s understanding of what it means to be a teacher.