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Dewey's Laboratory School

Laurel N. Tanner

216 pages
Teachers College Press
Laurel Tanner examines closely the practices and policies of Dewey’s Laboratory School from their inception to the current day. Dewey’s Laboratory School: Lessons for Today provides a wealth of practical guidance on how schools today can introduce Deweyian reforms the way they were originally—and suc-cessfully—practiced. It is filled with fascinating excerpts from the school’s teachers’ reports and other original documents. It will be an indispensable text in graduate courses in foundations, curriculum and instruction, early childhood education, instructional supervision, and philosophy of education and for professors, research-ers, and general readers in these fields. Selected Topics: Dewey’s Developmental Curriculum—An Idea for the Twenty-First Century • Dewey’s School as a Learning Community • What Have We Learned from Dewey’s School? • Looking at Reform the Dewey Way
Author Bio
Laurel N. Tanner is a professor of education at both the University of Houston and Temple University.