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Authentic Assessment in Action

Studies of Schools and Students at Work

Linda Darling-Hammond Jacqueline Ancess Beverly Falk Patricia A. Wasley Ann Lieberman Joseph P. McDonald

304 pages
Teachers College Press
This book examines, through case studies of elementary and secondary schools, how five schools have developed “authentic” performance-based assessments of students’ learning, and how this work has interacted with and influenced the teaching and learning experiences students encounter in school. This important and timely book reveals the changing dynamics of classroom life as it moves from more traditional pedagogy to one that asks students to master intellectual and practical skills that are eminently transferable to “real-life” social settings and workplaces. Selected chapters: Authentic Assessment in Action • Graduation by Portfolio at Central Park East Secondary School • The Senior Project at Hodgson Vocational Technical High School • Collaborative Learning and Assessment at International High School • The Primary Language Record at P.S. 261 • The Bronx New School: Weaving Assessment into the Fabric of Teaching and Learning • Making Assessment Work for Students and Schools This book will be important reading for practitioners, professors, and researchers of curriculum and instruction and educational policy, and will serve as a supplementary text in pre- and in-service courses in elementary and secondary curriculum development, curriculum and teaching, school organizations, educational leadership, educational policy, and implementation.