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The Dog Sitter Detective Takes the Lead

The tail-wagging cosy crime series

Allison & Busby Ltd

Gwinny Tuffel, preparing for her first West End role in a decade, is continuing to dog-sit to keep the wolf from the door. What should be an easy gig, staying on a Little Venice houseboat to help ageing rock star Crash Double with his Border Collie, takes a sinister turn when the singer's dead body surfaces during the annual Canal Carnival festivities.
While the police dismiss the death as an accident, Gwinny suspects murder most foul and it is up to her, with Ace's on-the-ground knowledge, to make sure the killer faces the music.

Author Bio
Antony Johnston's career has spanned books, award-winning video games and graphic novels including collaborations with Anthony Horowitz and Alan Moore. He wrote the New York Times bestseller Daredevil Season One for Marvel Comics and is the creator of Atomic Blonde which grossed over $100 million at the box office. The first book featuring Gwinny Tuffel, The Dog Sitter Detective, was the winner of the Barker Fiction Award. Johnston can often be found writing at home in Lancashire with a snoozing hound for company.