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Murder at the Louvre

The captivating historical whodunnit set in Victorian Paris

Allison & Busby Ltd

Paris, 1899. Abigail Wilson has received an invitation from Alphonse Flamand, a prominent French Professor of Archaeology, to join him on a dig in Egypt. Overjoyed to be presented with such an opportunity, Abigail and her husband, Daniel, travel to Paris to meet him to discuss plans.

However, when Abigail goes to the appointment at Flamand's office in the Louvre, she finds him dead with a knife in his chest. In a whirl of confusion and despite her pleas of innocence, Abigail is arrested. Determined to prove that she has been framed for Flamand's brutal murder, the Museum Detectives will delve far into the shadowy corners of the City of Light for the truth.

Author Bio
Jim Eldridge was born in central London towards the end of World War II, and survived attacks by V2 rockets on the Kings Cross area where he lived. In 1971 he sold his first sitcom to the BBC and had his first book commissioned. Since then he has had more than one hundred books published, with sales of over three million copies. He lives in Kent with his wife.