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The Affair of the Mutilated Mink

A delightfully quirky murder mystery in the great tradition of Agatha Christie

James Anderson

Allison & Busby Ltd

The Earl of Burford cannot believe his luck. Rex Ransom, his favourite film star, and a hot-shot producer want to film their next feature at Alderley, the family's seventeenth-century country estate. Somewhat less enthusiastic are the Countess and poor Merryweather, the family's butler, who suddenly find themselves hosting the incoming Hollywood crowd. And that's before there's a murder in the dead of night.
Paying homage to Golden Age crime fiction in which even the red herrings are impeccably turned out, The Affair of the Mutilated Mink is a must-read for armchair sleuths.

Author Bio
JAMES ANDERSON was born in Swindon but lived in or near to Cardiff most of his life. He took a degree in History at the University of Reading and worked as a salesman, copywriter and freelance journalist before writing his first novel. He went on to have fourteen novels and one play published. James passed away in 2007.