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The Art of the Assassin

The compelling historical whodunnit

Kevin Sullivan

352 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

1899, Glasgow. A man is stabbed to death in a tenement courtyard and Juan Camarón, photographer-cum-sleuth, is enlisted to assist the police investigation. Perhaps his innovative photographic method can bring to light what the naked eye might overlook.

Juan is also contending with his own problems. His late father's legacy, a monumental photographic record of Cuban architecture, faces a charge of plagiarism from a mysterious señora. And Jane, his fiancée, is witnessed fleeing the scene of a murder. Juan's hoped-for happiness is threatened and he is torn between finding the killer and finding Jane. But could they be one and the same?

Author Bio
Kevin Sullivan was born in Glasgow. His career in journalism has placed him in the frontline of defining historical moments in living memory, from documenting events at Tiananmen Square to covering the siege of Dubrovnik and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His work has taken him to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, the Western Balkans, and Spain. He lives in Sarajevo.