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River of Sins

Sarah Hawkswood

352 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

The brutal murder of a woman with a past is a thorny investigation for Bradecote and Catchpoll

July, 1144. The body of a woman is found butchered on an island a few miles upriver from Worcester – how did she get there, who killed her, and why? Uncovering the details of Ricolde’s life and her past reveal a woman with hidden depths and hidden miseries which are fundamental to the answers, but time has cast a thick veil over the killer’s identity.

The lord sheriff ’s men have a trail that went cold over two decades ago, and evidence that contradicts itself. Undersheriff Bradecote and Serjeant Catchpoll will need all their wits to solve this mystery.

Author Bio
Sarah Hawkswood describes herself as a ‘wordsmith’ who is only really happy when writing. She read Modern History at Oxford and first published a non-fiction book on the Royal Marines in the First World War before moving on to medieval mysteries set in Worcestershire.