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Madison's Avenue

Mike Brogan

344 pages
Lighthouse Publishing
First, she gets the frightening phone call from her father. Hours later, the police tell her he’s committed suicide. But Madison McKean suspects murder because her father, CEO of a large Manhattan ad agency, has repeatedly refused a takeover bid by a ruthless agency conglomerate. With her father’s death, Madison inherits his agency and his enemies. When she and her new friend, Kevin, zero in on the executive behind her father’s death, they discover that an ex-CIA hit man is zeroing in on them. Madison’s Avenue takes you inside the boardrooms of today’s ruthless, billion-dollar corporations, to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean, to the high hopes and low cleavage of the Cannes Advertising Festival—a world where some people take the phrase “bury the competition” literally.
Author Bio
Mike Brogan is the Writer’s Digest award-winning author of Business to Kill For, a suspense thriller that Writer’s Digest called "the equal of any thriller read in recent years." His riveting new thriller, Madison's Avenue, raises the suspense to white-knuckle levels while giving you an inside look at the cutthroat world of global corporations, a world the author knows well. Brogan lives in Michigan where he's finishing his next novel.