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Authentic John the Baptist

Leading with the Mantle of a Prophet

Mark Partin

141 pages
Alive Publications
John is referred to by many as the forerunner of Christ. The word forerunner is never used of John in Scripture. However, John fulfilled the meaning and definition of the word by coming before Christ Jesus and preparing the way. He preached repentance. John came to “prepare the way of the LORD.” May I ask you, have you prepared the way of the Lord? Has the highway of holiness been prepared in your life? Have you deliberately made your paths straight? Have you labored under the moving of the Holy Spirit to fill in all the low places? Have you brought down the high places in your own life? Are the crooked things being made straight? If you are to be used by God, as a preacher or a lay person, you must apply the gospel of repentance to your life. John the Baptist's motivation, method, and message were born out of the crucible of his life in the desert. In the desert, John met and got to know God the Father. In the desert, God became real to him. For John, Jesus Christ the Son of God, was preeminent, not just priority. Is Jesus preeminent in your life or is he only a priority?
Author Bio
Mark D. Partin has been a pastor since 1985. He holds a BA from University of the Cumberlands, a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Covington Theological Seminary. He has written 8 other books including Praying with Fire and The Tabernacle of Prayer. He is the founder and chief field officer of Minister to Minister International, a ministry taking the message of prayer and revival around the world. He has been married to his wife, Charlene, since 1983 and has two grown children and one grandchild.