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Signal Fire

A guide to putting prayer into practice

192 pages
SPCK Group

Prayer is the key to knowing and communicating with God, unlocking a lifelong faith and being the primary bedrock of Christian faith.

Signal Fire explores the myriad of different ways in which we can connect with God, both together and alone. This handy guide provides opportunities to try out different aspects of prayer, equipping young people with a prayer life of their own.

Prayer is a refuge in times when everything else is failing; it's a compass when we're lost and a firework when we're joy-struck. Prayer is the subject of a thousand distinct metaphors, and they're all both true and insufficient. Why? Because prayer is direct connection with God, and the pathway to making sense of life itself.

Signal Fire encourages young people to develop a life of prayer and connection with God and invest in this key practice of lasting faith. Martin Saunders, Director of Innovation at Youthscape, writes an accessible and practical book for teenagers with some points for reflection and discussion at the end of each chapter.

This book can be used alone by a young person or used by youth workers to work through with a group.

Author Bio
Martin Saunders is the Director of Innovation at Youthscape, and Youth Team Leader at St Mary's Church, Reigate. He's married to Jo and they have four children. Martin has been involved in youth ministry for nearly two decades, including over ten years as editor of Youthwork magazine. He has written 13 books, including SPCK's We are Satellites.