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The Gospel Beyond the Gospels

Trevor Dennis

176 pages
SPCK Group

Within a few decades of the death of Jesus of Nazareth, there emerged within the infant church five literary and theological geniuses: Paul and the writers of the Gospels.

No works of literature have been subjected to such close, persistent scrutiny by so many over the centuries. Yet the Gospels continue not only to fascinate, challenge and inspire, but to reveal new treasures and throw up fresh problems.

Much depends on the questions we ask of them and the level of curiosity and honesty we bring to this task. For while the Gospels represent four magnificent attempts to come to terms with Jesus and the God he revealed, we cannot be surprised when they fail. We should, however, be astonished that they take us so far into Truth – then point even further on.

In this glorious book, Trevor Dennis urges us to follow some of those pointers, to investigate where they lead in the search for the bright gospel beyond the Gospels. We will find ourselves in territory that is sometimes disturbing and sometimes heartening . . . But never less than truly exhilarating.

Author Bio
Trevor Dennis ============= Trevor Dennis, one-time school chaplain, Old Testament Studies tutor at Salisbury and Wells Theological College, and finally Canon Chancellor and Vice Dean at Chester Cathedral, retired in 2010, but continues to teach and to write. He has a passion for sharing contemporary biblical scholarship with a wider audience (including children: he published a children's Bible in 2003), and his work in the area of preaching through storytelling or poetry, undertaken since the early 1980s and represented in six collections published by SPCK, has been ground-breaking.