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Much Ado About Something

Larry Culliford

252 pages
SPCK Group

Who, from a scientific perspective, could possibly accept the idea of a virgin birth, or any of Christ’s miracles, much less his death and resurrection? Only a child (Luke 18:17) or a Christian possessed of a considerable degree of maturity (1 Cor 13:11).
This enthralling book reveals how a person can develop from childhood innocence to spiritual maturity via a series of psychological stages, through constant (but often unconscious) communication with the Holy Spirit.
Growth occurs most often through adversity and the emotional healing that accompanies acceptance of God’s Will. Such experiences allow people to let go of less immature attachments and aversions, and to be free to live with increasing spontaneity ‘in the moment’, attuned to the sufferings of others, both wiser and more compassionate.

Author Bio
Larry Culliford is a psychiatrist, writer and regular blogger on the Psychology Today website. He is a church-going Anglican Christian with deep respect for the teachings, practices and revered sites of other religions; a former Chair of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and a co-founder of the ‘Spirituality and Psychiatry’ special interest group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Larry lives in Sussex with his wife, Sarah.