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Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

220 pages
New Paradigm Publishing

You could describe the current state of our culture in two words, identity crisis. Many of us are searching for something solid upon which to secure our identity. Some root their identity in their race or ethnicity. Others take their sense of identity from their political and social views. For a growing number, identity is determined by one's gender or sexuality.

This problem of identity is nothing new. We have always tried to define ourselves by the things we have or do. And yet, the issue with constructing our own identity is that it can topple at any moment.

God solved this complicated problem with a simple solution. He's given us a new identity in Christ. This gives us a stable anchor point to which we can attach our identity. Who we are in Christ never changes because God's view of us never changes.

Identity is a month-long, daily devotion designed to help you discover who you are in Christ. Each chapter takes one aspect of your new identity, draws out its significance, and applies it to your life. As you learn more about who you are in Christ, it will transform how you see yourself, others, and reality.