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Creative Techniques of Fashion Illustration

Otani  Natsuki

Design Media Publishing Ltd
Fashion is an integral part of our life, and fashion illustrators are people who portray the fashion on paper. The book selects almost 200 projects of fashion illustrators world wide, combining with design rules and criteria to give a systematic account of fashion illustration, including mainly: basic knowledge, performance, performing techniques, and illustrating techniques. World-renowned fashion illustrators are invited to talk about their working process. Hopefully their experiences are valuable and helpful for readers.
Author Bio
Natsuki Otani is a Tokyo born illustrator, she studied and worked in England for the last six years before moving to Lisbon where she is now based. She has a style best described in colour, her work seeks to capture dreams and reality using inks and digital to create unique experiences. She says that if her work can make someone happy, even if for just a fleeting moment she has succeeded.