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Myth and History in Celtic and Scandinavian Traditions

Emily Lyle John Carey Elizabeth A. Gray Mackay Ina Tuomala Joseph F. Nagy Alexandra Bergholm Kevin Murray Ksenya Kudenko Karen Bek-Pedersen Morten Warmind

302 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Myth and History in Celtic and Scandinavian Traditions explores the traditions of two fascinating and contiguous cultures in north-western Europe. History regularly brought these two peoples into contact, most prominently with the viking invasion of Ireland. In the famous Second Battle of Mag Tuired, gods such as Lug, Balor, and the Dagda participated in the conflict that distinguished this invasion. Pseudohistory, which consists of both secular and ecclesiastical fictions, arose in this nexus of peoples and myth and spilled over into other contexts such as chronological annals. Scandinavian gods such as Odin, Balder, Thor, and Loki feature in the Edda of Snorri Sturluson and the history of the Danes by Saxo Grammaticus. This volume explores such written works alongside archaeological evidence from earlier periods through fresh approaches that challenge entrenched views.
Author Bio
Emily Lyle is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Her publications include the monograph Ten Gods (2012) and an edited collection Celtic Myth in the 21st Century (2018).