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Ocean Governance and Conflict in the East and South China Sea

Negotiating Natural Resources, Institutions and Power

374 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book tells the story of the negotiations between China, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries about the East and South China Sea disputes. Tapping into formerly classified and newly made available primary sources, the book meticulously tracks these negotiations and their sudden U-turns. It is a story about the promises and perils of cooperation. It is – as much about pragmatic, gradual and surprisingly resilient approaches to conflict resolution and ocean governance as it is about the expansion of states’ bargaining power through institutions. The book hinges on the question of when and why disputing parties reach agreement on joint oil and gas development, fisheries and codes of conduct, and when and why negotiations end in impasse. It is the first comprehensive and theoretically informed study of decades-long dispute settlement efforts in a central region of the Indo-Pacific where the expansion of China challenges the law of the sea and regional security.
Author Bio
Christian Schultheiss is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. He served as Senior Expert for the European External Action Service. He has published on the law of the sea, security and international relations in the Indo-Pacific and has held numerous visiting fellow positions in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.