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The General Data Protection Regulation in Plain Language

Bart van der Sloot

208 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The General Data Protection Regulation in Plain Language is a guide for anyone interested in the much-discussed rules of the GDPR. In this legislation, which came into force in 2018, the European Union meticulously describes what you can and cannot do with data about other people. Violating these rules can lead to a fine of up to 20 million euros.

This book sets out the most important obligations of individuals and organisations that process data about others. These include taking technical security measures, carrying out an impact assessment and registering all data-processing procedures within an organisation. It also discusses the rights of citizens whose data are processed, such as the right to be forgotten, the right to information and the right to data portability.
Author Bio
Bart van der Sloot specialises in the areas of Privacy and Big Data. He also regularly publishes works on the liability of Internet intermediaries, data protection and Internet regulation. Bart van der Sloot is general editor of the European Data Protection Law Review and the director of the Privacy & Identity Lab.