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(How) Opera Works, (Hoe) opera werkt

Pierre Audi Lectures, Pierre Audi lezingen

Liesbeth Kruyt Christopher Harris

266 pages
Amsterdam University Press
‘A profound approach to opera uncovers a gold mine of possibilities; opera is fuelled with the energy of the future. And while the search for gold will always go on, the other ‘mines’ — concealed in the operatic production process — must be tracked down and defused. Risk-taking is integral to the operatic process; without risks, an exciting policy is unthinkable.’

It was with these thrilling and significant metaphors that, in 1988, Pierre Audi laid out his initial plans as artistic director of Dutch National Opera.

It is now thirty years later, and the time has come to consider the gold mine that Pierre Audi discovered for us. Hence this publication, which contains the essence of Audi’s ideas concerning music theatre, opera, and art in general. In it we can trace the changes and the development of his artistic vision over the last decades; through it we can see that opera is fuelled with the energy of the future.

The book is written in both Dutch and English.