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Situating Data

Inquiries in Algorithmic Culture

290 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Taking up the challenges of the datafication of culture, as well as of the scholarship of cultural inquiry itself, this collection contributes to the critical debate about data and algorithms. How can we understand the quality and significance of current socio-technical transformations that result from datafication and algorithmization? How can we explore the changing conditions and contours for living within such new and changing frameworks? How can, or should we, think and act within, but also in response to these conditions?

This collection brings together various perspectives on the datafication and algorithmization of culture from debates and disciplines within the field of cultural inquiry, specifically (new) media studies, game studies, urban studies, screen studies, and gender and postcolonial studies. It proposes conceptual and methodological directions for exploring where, when, and how data and algorithms (re)shape cultural practices, create (in)justice, and (co)produce knowledge.
Author Bio
Karin van Es is Associate Professor, Media and Culture Studies, and project lead Humanities at Data School at Utrecht University. Her research contributes to the fields of software studies and critical data studies. She currently studies streaming video platforms, examining media policies and exploring innovative methods to analyze these services. Nanna Verhoeff is Professor of Screen Cultures and Society in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. She initiated the research group [urban interfaces] and is co-lead of the Open Cities platform at Utrecht University. Her research on urban media combines perspectives from (digital) media and performance studies contributes to the interdisciplinary methodological development of the creative humanities.