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The Intellectual Dynamism of the High Middle Ages

Clare Monagle Tracy Tracy Eva Eva Karen Karen Cary Cary Marcia Marcia John John Karen Karen Peter Peter Carolyn Carolyn

344 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The essays in The Intellectual Dynamism of the High Middle Ages pay tribute to the work and impact of Constant J. Mews, in spirit and in content, revealing a nuanced and integrated vision of the intellectual history of the medieval West. Mews's groundbreaking work has revealed the wide world of medieval letters: looking beyond the cathedral and the cloister for his investigations, and taking a broad view of intellectual practice in the Middle Ages, Mews has demanded that we expand our horizons as we explore the history of ideas. Alongside his cutting-edge work on Abelard, he has been a leader in the study of medieval women writers, paying heed to Hildegard and Heloise in particular. In Mews' Middle Ages, the world of ideas always belongs to a larger world: one that is cultural, gendered, and politicized.
Author Bio
Clare Monagle is Associate Professor of Modern History at Macquarie University. Her works include Scholastic Affect: Gender, Maternity and the History of Emotions (CUP, 2020) and A Cultural History of the Emotions in the Medieval Age, edited with Juanita Ruys (Bloomsbury, 2019)