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Analogy and Exemplary Reasoning in Legal Discourse

Hendrik Kaptein Bastiaan van der Velden

196 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book brings together contributions from leading figures in legal studies on analogy and related forms of reasoning in the law. Analogical reasoning-which relies on the concept of two different things being in some way like each other-is hugely important not just in the practice of law, but it is nonetheless strongly contested. This volume raises key questions like: What is the logical, argumentative, rhetorical, or just heuristic force of analogy in law? Is analogy really different from extensive interpretation, reasoning by precedent and appeal to paradigm?
Author Bio
Hendrik Kaptein is associate professor of jurisprudence at Leiden University. He published widely on legal argumentation, see for example Legal evidence and proof: statistics, stories, logic (Ashgate, 2009, with H. Prakken & B. Verheij)