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Performing Moving Images

Access, Archives and Affects

Senta Siewert

190 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Performing Moving Images: Access, Archive and Affects presents institutions, individuals and networks who have ensured experimental films and Expanded Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s are not consigned to oblivion. Through a comparison of recent international case studies from festivals, museums, and gallery spaces, the book analyzes their new contexts, and describes the affective reception of those events. The study asks: what is the relationship between an aesthetic experience and memory at the point where film archives, cinema, and exhibition practices intersect? What can we learn from re-screenings, re-enactments, and found footage works, that are using archival material? How does the affective experience of the images, sounds and music resonate today? Performing Moving Images: Access, Archive and Affects proposes a theoretical framework from the perspective of the performative practice of programming, curating, and reconstructing, bringing in insights from original interviews with cultural agents together with an interdisciplinary academic discourse.
Author Bio
Senta Siewert is a Film Scholar and Guest Researcher at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and was Guest Professor for Film Studies at the Ruhr-University Bochum and has taught in Berlin, Stuttgart, Bochum, Frankfurt, Bayreuth, Paderborn, Jena, Hamburg and Amsterdam. She is a Curator and Filmmaker and Author of Entgrenzungsfilme — Jugend, Musik, Affekt, Gedächtnis. Eine pragmatische Poetik zeitgenössischer europäischer Filme (2013) and Fassbinder und Deleuze — Körper, Leiden, Entgrenzung (2009).