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Construction as Depicted in Western Art

From Antiquity to the Photograph

Michael Tutton

296 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The Art of Building has captured the interest of artists from the Roman period to today. The process of construction appears in western art in all its details, trades, and operations. Michael Tutton investigates the representation of building processes and materials through an examination of paintings, illuminated manuscripts, watercolours, prints, drawings and sculpture. Technical terms are explained and detailed interpretations of each work are provided, with insights into the artists' inspiration and themes. Even paintings not wholly or principally devoted to construction sites may give tantalising glimpses of building activity. How do these images convey meaning? How much is imagined; how much is authentic? Fully referenced endnotes, bibliography, and glossary complement the text and captions, informing not only the architectural and construction historian, but also those simply interested in art.
Author Bio
With a quarter century of experience working on historic buildings, Michael Tutton has studied at graduate and post-graduate level and published on the subjects of architectural history, building history, and building conservation.