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Secular Power and Sacral Authority in Medieval East-Central Europe

Kosana Jovanovic Suzana Miljan Nikolina Antonić János M. Éva B. Kristian Bertovic Maja Cepetić Judit Gál Miloš Ivanović Neven Isailovic

186 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book brings together a team of scholars representing a broad range of interests and new approaches in medieval studies to explore the interactions of secular power and sacral authority in central and southeastern Europe in the period. Contributors present new research on the region's political and legal history, nobility and government institutions, war and diplomacy, literature and literacy, sacred and secular art, archaeological research, heritage studies, and much more.
Author Bio
Kosana Jovanovic lectures medieval history at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia. Dr. Miljan Suzana, Department of Historical Research of IHSS of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Zagreb, Croatia.