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Yugoslav Black Wave

Polemical Cinema in Socialist Yugoslavia (1963-1972)

Greg De DeCuir

272 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The Yugoslav Black Wave was a controversial and highly contested movement of filmmakers in the 1960s in socialist Yugoslavia-a country situated at the time in a political, cultural, and social middle ground between the communist East and the capitalist West. It remains controversial today, its most provocative films shelved and forgotten-and, in this new era, ripe for rediscovery. This book is the first in English on the Yugoslav Black Wave, and it offers an analysis of the movement, its key players, its sociopolitical engagement, and its place in the larger story of European modernism.
Author Bio
Greg de Cuir, Jr is the managing editor of NECSUS (Amsterdam University Press) and selector/curator for Alternative Film/Video Belgrade. He lives and works in Belgrade as an independent writer/translator/curator.