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The 10x Growth Machine

How established companies create new waves of growth

Misha De Sterke

250 pages
Management Impact Publishing
The facts are obvious. Major shifts are occurring in the corporate landscape. New companies enter and established companies vanish from list like the S&P 500. Creative destruction is accelerating. For established companies the question in every board meeting is how to stay relevant and future proof, while executing the core business? In this book the Future Proof methodology is introduced. It is a battle tested approach for corporates to systematically ideate, validate and scale new growth models in the corporate environment, and takes into account the change management challenges that this requires. 1. Practical and comprehensive methodology with tools and checklists that guide you in the implementation 2. Blueprint for companies that struggle to balance their core business execution with real innovation initiatives 3. Case studies from established companies
Author Bio
Misha de Sterke is partner at Innoleaps, managing the corporate innovation activities for Fortune 500 companies globally. Keynote speaker, nominated entrepreneur and lecturer at Universities.