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Atlas of Human Anatomy on MRI

Brain, Chest & Abdomen

Hariqbal Singh Parvez Sheik

202 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd

This book is a concise overview of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for brain, chest and abdominal disorders covering the very latest technologies and developments in the field.

Beginning with an introduction to anatomy of these body systems, the following sections cover MR cholangiopancreatography, MRI of the female and male pelvis, and MR angiography.

The atlas is enhanced by high quality MR images and tables with detailed descriptions to help clinicians understand complex anatomy.

The comprehensive appendix provides a glossary of MRI terms and radiology measurement tables. 

Key Points

  • Concise overview of MRI for brain, chest and abdomen
  • Features sections on MR cholangiopancreatography, MRI of the pelvis, and MR angiography
  • Comprehensive appendix provides glossary of terms and radiology measurement tables
  • Includes high quality MR images and tables illustrating complex anatomy
Author Bio

Hariqbal Singh MD DMRD
Dean and Professor, Prakash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Urun Islampur, Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Parvez Sheik MD DMRE
Consultant Radiology, Hermes Diagnostic Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India