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Textbook of Surgical Gastroenterology, Volumes 1 & 2

Pramod Kumar Mishra

1500 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd

Textbook of Surgical Gastroenterology is a highly illustrated, two volume resource for residents and practising surgeons.

Divided into 124 chapters across ten sections, this comprehensive textbook covers a vast range of gastroenterological conditions and their surgical management. The book begins with a general section, covering imaging, infections and antibiotics, radiation therapy, nutritional support for hospitalised patients, statistics, and interventional radiology.

Subsequent sections cover specific parts of the gastrointestinal system, including oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, spleen, and colon. Each section begins with a chapter on anatomy, before covering the surgical treatment of various disorders.

The penultimate section of Textbook of Surgical Gastroenterology provides extensive information on liver transplantation, and the final section covers miscellaneous topics in gastroenterology. This book is enhanced by 1200 images, and includes two DVDs with guidance on seven surgical procedures.

Key Points

  • Two volume guide to gastroenterological surgery, incorporating a vast range of conditions
  • 124 chapters across ten sections covering the entire gastrointestinal system
  • Separate section devoted to liver transplantation
  • 1200 images and two DVDs
Author Bio

Pramod Kumar Mishra
Professor, Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, GB Pant Institute of Medical, Education and Research, Delhi, India