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A Practical Guide to Hemiplegia Treatment

Ipsit Brahmachari

500 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd

Hemiplegia, more commonly known as a stroke, is not just a neurological or a musculoskeletal condition, but one with a psychosocial impact on the patient’s life. A Practical Guide to Hemiplegia Treatment addresses the physiotherapeutic management of hemiplegia focusing on the wider needs of the patient.

This book is divided into various topics ranging from basic anatomy and physiology of the human brain and development of the nervous system, to clinical diagnosis, symptomology, and the management of hemiplegia complications.

The essentials of rehabilitation medicine and approach to treatment are covered in detail. For quick reference, various exercises and treatment techniques are divided into lying, sitting and standing positions.

Chapters on orofacial rehabilitation, perception, orthotics and management of complications provide a home care programme for hemiplegia patients. 55 images and illustrations enhance the information provided in this comprehensive guide to hemiplegia treatment.

Key Points

  • Clear format for quick reference and practical use
  • Chapters include basic anatomy of human brain and nervous system through to symptoms and rehabilitation
  • 55 images, illustrations and tables
Author Bio

Ipsit Brahmachari PhD
Physiotherapist, Proprietor, Marg Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India