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Cardiac Functioning, Disorders, Challenges and Therapies

Mahira Parveen

300 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd

This book presents a review of the human heart, discussing how it functions, cardiac disorders and treatment; integrating physiology, pathology and pharmacology.

Written in a simple and concise way, trainees are presented with different heart disorders, with step by step descriptions of their diagnosis and characteristics. Appropriate treatment is identified with explanations. A separate chapter is dedicated to artificial cardiac pacemakers.

With contributions from specialists across Europe and the USA, this useful reference includes 65 images and illustrations to enhance learning.


Key points

  • Concise review of functions, disorders and treatment of the heart
  • Step by step presentation of diagnosis, characteristics and treatment of different cardiac disorders
  • Integrates physiology, pathology and pharmacology
  • Simple and easy to understand language
  • Contributions from specialists in Europe and the USA
Author Bio

Mahira Parveen MPhil PhD
Professor, Department of Zoology, Government PG College, Bina, Madhya Pradesh, India