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Film Production and Consumption in Contemporary Taiwan

Cinema as a Sensory Circuit

Ya-Feng Mon

216 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book uses the potent case study of contemporary Taiwanese queer romance films to address the question of how capitalism in Taiwan has privileged the film industry at the expense of the audience's freedom to choose and respond to culture on its own terms. Interweaving in-depth interviews with filmmakers, producers, marketers, and spectators, Ya-Fong Mon takes a biopolitical approach to the question, showing how the industry uses investments in techno-science, ancillary marketing, and media convergence to seduce and control the sensory experience of the audience-yet that control only extends so far: volatility remains a key component of the film-going experience.
Author Bio
Ya-Feng Mon holds a doctorate from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her background in film journalism has allowed her unique insights into the complex terrain of film production and consumption. Her recent research interests lie in various embodied experiences of technologies.